So I feel like I should make this blogging stuff a bit more regular. Because, well, soon I will be a graduate and the over-bearing burden of a dissertation won't be hanging over me and I can actually enjoy fashion as an interest again. And not just because I have to. Yay!

Also, it can be quite therapeutic. So I'll basically be sharing pretty much everything I love from everywhere and then try and move on to bigger and better things from then on.

I have to share this, as I found it when trying to dig up where Ryan Gosling's outfit was from in Drive.
I came across this bad-boy. It looks worth every $159 of it. And I'd probably wear it all the time...

Drive Men's Replica Racer Jacket

I'm pretty sure they're also available on Ebay, probably for less.

Mmm. Such a good jacket.


So I was just browsing through STREETFSN and just found amazing image after amazing image. A few that struck a chord were from the Thom Browne collection at Paris Fashion week. I was a bit confused why I had never seen their preppy stylings and bold stripes before, but it turns out they only started showing in June 2010. I like to think that explains it, otherwise I feel totally ignorant as I love the little details that they seem to slip in anywhere they can.
During my dissertation research I've looked at bespoke tailoring, embossing, personalisation etc and then the type of brand that usually comes hand in hand with that, so heritage brands with traditional and classic shapes and fabrics. Although this is a little bit American Ivy elite styling the attention to detail is comparable with that of British bespoke tailoring. Also, Thom Browne won WGSN's Most Influential Designer in Menswear award last year, so I personally think that speaks volumes.

I love the tabs on backs of shoes and blazers, to the strips inside of cuffs on suit jackets and shirts, watch straps, cardigans and tie clips. The red, white and blue stripes set a more exciting tone to suiting. It's great.
I would quite like the trousers above.

The above book cover  image was taken from, and I sort of linked the two up as their post on preppy style reminded me of the Thom Browne images. I think I might have to get this book, sometimes I sort of forget how interested in certain things I am.

Internship bust?

I found this article today on Finding it particularly poignant as this is a situation I find myself in, or will be once I graduate. I don't have a particular avenue that I'm dead set on at the moment, so hope to get a few internships under my belt before I am certain what line of work I would like to delve into. So, what do you think? Should companies pay their interns or is it enough just to be working for such a successful brand/designer, and that we should be grateful for it?

Lana Del Rey

Recently on the cover of Wonderland, Lana Del Rey seems to be hitting the big time within the fashion world, and so she should.
In the video, she performed at the Chateau Marmont for the Mulberry Mix Tape Tour, and there is an interview here, where she talks about her inspiration for the selection of clips that feature in the video for Video Games. I can't wait to see what else she does both in music and her influence in fashion.

Lisbeth Salander

From the Girl with the Dragon tattoo trilogy. I've already read all the books, seen all the first set of films, and can now wear the clothes!

A link to the preview of the collection. All looks very reasonably priced which is what I love about H&M. Good job by Trish Summerville. This is actually just what I imagined Salander wearing right down to the dark burgundy shade. The leather trousers and white vest are probably my favourite.
Out on the 14th December online and in selected stores...just hope they have it in my nearest one. PLEASE.

The first Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film featuring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara is out on the 26th December. Something to look forward to after Christmas!

Steps for 2

Well done to Victoria Beckham for winning best Designer Brand of the year. And for producing even more clothes everyone wants to buy. I say wants because I can't afford to. 

Denim is my downfall. That clever, clever woman. 
The collaboration is with AnOther magazine and the music is by Pete Duffy.
VB has seriously upped her game with this one. 
Also I love the Frenchy look. Apparently the mini-film was inspired by French New Wave cinema. I won't pretend I know all about it but might be something worth pursuing in that. Loving films and all!

When I am a grown-up.

Well, I guess I should be already. But for when I have pressing and important things to do. 

I love the sleek design, and red is kind of my favourite colour - see Trench coat below! - and that gold 'slide closure' buckle reminds me of CĂ©line.